Investors in People

2016 Celebrating 15 years accredited by Investors in People

Some of the comments from the last strategy evaluation report include,

'It's good working here- It's a good team. You're supported really well if you need help'.

'I'm loving it here- It's a great place to work. I'm involved, asked for my option and have input'.

'Happy staff= Happy Children= Happy parents is not just a motto: It's reality  here, and it works'.

'The highest standard of quality and care, child safety and well being it top priority it's about the child's needs being met'.

'The Manager is very effective. She's done a lot since she's come to the nursery. Numbers have increased because of her approach with parents- it's settling for staff'.

''The Manager makes sure that we put policies into practice and helps us to focus on planning and evaluations'.

''I spend time with staff individually to talk about their champion role- to motivate them and encourage them.'

'We have an annual training day. Last year we looked at 'Floor books'. We weren't using them to their full potential, but now after the training we're getting the children more involved in doing them, and the Pre school quality assurance officer said they'd improved- the children are taking it in a lot more.'

'My Manager is pushing training more now- they're asking what I'm interested in and making it happen for me, for example, woodland course to help with our aim to develop the garden area as apart of the children's learning.'

'I'm a fully qualified Practitioner and float around where needed, to cover days off and absence'.

'I matter in Pinocchio's because I'm seeing to the child's needs and providing an education, guiding them on their path in life- seeing them improve and develop.

'I have brilliant supervisor's in my team- you can trust them to do a good job'.

'It's how the staff get treated here- the owners are lovely and management is really nice. If I have a problem I know I'll be listened to and they'll talk it through with you. You know where you stand'.

'Getting STAR of the month motivates you to be noticed, so you do things that are above and beyond'.